Shout it out Loud

As promised in my last post, I read out loud; let me tell you that was interesting.  I don’t do different voices publicly well, I am a written story teller not a verbal one, but just listening to how things sound as they are spoken does make you realize errors that reading do not bring to light.

I only did the first chapter, I figured that was best.  I caught several mistakes which should have been obvious but weren’t until I had to listen to them.  I also had one sentence that bugs me to no end because it sounds “wrong”.  I can’t tell you what is wrong with it but the wording sounds funny coming out of my mouth and so I know I need to fix it, I just have to figure out how.

I plan to do a second reading once I have gone through once and let someone else go through it once as well.  Why?  Well just because the first time I made changes, once its edited again there might be more to make the story tighter.

Regardless I am very glad that I tried this and will continue with the rest of the novel before hitting the computer again to edit.  I truly recommend this approach to anyone out there.