When you realize that copying another writer is actually smart

I haven’t written here for a while, sorry about that.  I haven’t done much with my novel other than think about it and read the first chapter trying to figure out how to make some changes which were suggested to me at the last meeting.  Yesterday I did come to a realization and decision about something which may seem like I am directly copying another writer but actually for my story, it just makes sense.  I have decided to use sigils in my story.

Now for those who have read George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire you know that he uses them.  I didn’t want to do that even though it was an intriguing idea, especially for someone who is a herald in the SCA and works on devices (which is the same thing as a sigil).  However it was pointed out to me that it would make more sense for one of my characters to realize that the person she has run into is definitely on the other side with some symbol to state it without words needed.

Of course now comes the really hard part, creating those sigils and deciding who will have them.  I’m not sure I want to make it each family like Martin does, although from a historic standpoint that does make sense.  I might even just do it for the groups in war but again I’m not sure how that would work.  So the easy part is over and it’s time to work on the difficult one.


Strive for Perfection

As I have been editing the first three pages of my novel I like some of the new things that have come about.  However, it has me thinking, am I striving for perfection in those few pages?

In a way, I think I am.  I want them to be as perfect as they can be.  I also need them to be good so that the reader is engaged enough to continue the story.  So those first few pages are highly vital.

On the other hand, I don’t think I am.  For pretty much the same reason: I need the reader to become engaged in the story and continue reading.

The rest of the story needs to be good as well but the beginning is where you get people so I think those pages require more critical thought and scrutiny.

What about you?  Do you strive for perfection in your entire story?