Writing inspiration found on Facebook

1394797_401930539933130_711599385_nFacebook is the most known social media site out there these days.  Just about everyone has an account for the site and many businesses have pages.  There are so many things to “like” that you could waste an entire day just looking at the memes your friends repost, or the status updates, playing the myriad of games, or even “poking” people.  But, have you ever thought about the possibility that you might find inspiration to write on Facebook?

Until recently, I would have never imagined that being on Facebook could give me any inspiration to write, at least my novel writing.  However, that has changed in the last week with a new page I found thanks to a friend of mine.  It is called Earth Porn and the pictures posted that will take your breath away, they are that stunning.

1503890_427628774029973_1365431932_nFor me it is not just the gorgeous scenery that makes me want to write, but the ideas I get when I see these pictures.  I can just see some of them as areas in my novels.  I think some, even, fit an idea I already had but have come to life to help me describe them better.  There is even one that I swear came out of my brain and into a picture because it’s exactly how I envisioned this area when I created the race that lives there.

1513306_431159707010213_1411552482_nI’m sure this won’t apply to everyone but one never knows.  Some of the pictures I just want to write a blurb about, even if I don’t use it for anything, because it sparks something inside me.  I know some people us writing prompts when they are stuck or want to try something else, and this is just a different kind of prompt.

Check out the page and tell me if you agree.


About awritersprocess
I have been a writer longer than I can remember. It started with poems in grade school and evolved into the manuscripts, articles, and blogs that I currently write for. My desire to become an editor came later in life but I am no less passionate about that as I am about writing. I have a BA in English (with a minor in History) and have even taken a proofreading class through Editorial Freelancers Association. I am a writer for hire.

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