What’s your writing style

Do you know how you write the best?  I know for the longest time I didn’t.  I do now, of course, but there are some people who still haven’t figured it out.  Here are some things to think of.

Do you think about writing almost every day but rarely do it?  Well if that is the case you are probably like me where you need a deadline to actually write.  There is nothing wrong with that as far as I’m concerned.  You work well under pressure.  It’s the main reason I like NaNoWriMo so much.  I HAVE to complete my novel in those 30 days no matter what!

On one hand I like only doing that once per year because it’s stressful and takes away from basically everything else in my life.  On the other I don’t write much else the rest of the year, which is kind of bad.  For those who want to really go at it they now offer CampNaNoWriMo during the summer; either June 1-30 or August 1-31 (ooh look one more day in August).  So for those who work well under pressure, doing all three of these writing months might be just the ticket.

There are also those who need a quiet morning, a noisy afternoon, or the dead of night to get something out.  I know one guy who prefers Sunday mornings because he is focused and the writing tends to flow.  I envy that but I also know I can’t do that (I’m one of those who has to have music and it doesn’t have to be any specific kind of music either).

So I ask again, do you know how you write best?  Let me know in the comments.


A Change of Scenery

I have a friend, a fantasy writer like myself, who I have known for over ten years.  We finished college together; in fact we met in a writing class; we moved onto the same street somehow, and we see each other occasionally.  I managed to convince her to join my writing group a few months back and she’s been fairly loyal about coming.

Because they split us up for critiques based on how many people there are and how many have brought something, she has not always been in my group.  However, she has enough to see some of the differences when I’ve made changes. After our last meeting, we discussed both our works on the way home.  I made a few comments about things people have said in the past as well as that night and how I’m not sure how to change them because the two characters don’t meet again until the end of the story.  I need the back story to set the whole novel.  She told me that perhaps if she read the entire thing she could give me better suggestions.  So I got her a copy.

Saturday she came to my house and brought the first chapter.  I haven’t read all the notes she made yet but the first thing she said to me was that the story picks up after the first chapter.  This got me thinking again about how to incorporate the back story into this work so the reader understands the relationship between these characters.  The conclusion I came to is I might have to completely change my first chapter.  I might have to take out all the back story, start the chapter later in the scene, and add the back story later.

I haven’t really put flashbacks in my work yet and am not keen on doing it now, so while the notion of changing the first chapter appeals to me, I am still working out how to include the back story without a flashback.  I have a general idea but need to put it into practice first to see if it will work.