Time to Write

I spoke about this somewhat in my last post but burnout really is a problem in December for me.  The month is half over and I still have no desire to write.  I feel I have recouped enough from November that I could if I sat down but with the holidays quickly arriving, I find I have less time.

Like everyone these days there is much I want to accomplish during this final month of the year but also much more which demands my attention that has nothing to do with writing and editing.  A house to decorate, a party to plan (we host one every year), other parties to attend, the actual holiday where I have to split my time between families, the upcoming New Year (along with the party we attend), shopping for people, wrapping presents; along with the general housework and my full time job.  There is also the need for downtime.

Sometimes I feel that December pulls me even thinner than November does.  Sure there is a holiday in November but I am fortunate that I don’t have to cook for it, for now anyhow.  Some days I don’t think I will accomplish all I set out to do, and some of those days I actually don’t.

So finding time to write can be hard.  Even when I have downtime I don’t want to think about writing, I want to relax.  Writing is a passion but it is also work, especially when you are creating your own world.  I probably should do what I do in November but on a much lower scale.  Make the time to write a few days a week no matter what.  I just really don’t feel it would be possible with everything else going on.  I do, however, need to find the time to write.


About awritersprocess
I have been a writer longer than I can remember. It started with poems in grade school and evolved into the manuscripts, articles, and blogs that I currently write for. My desire to become an editor came later in life but I am no less passionate about that as I am about writing. I have a BA in English (with a minor in History) and have even taken a proofreading class through Editorial Freelancers Association. I am a writer for hire.

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