Pushing Through

One of the worst things about writing is when you get stuck.  I mean you know where the story is going but the scene you are working on is being stubborn.  It could be that the characters don’t like what you are saying about them at that moment or it could just be you.

I go with me having an issue.  Sometimes I think it’s because I’m not quite sure how the scene is supposed to go.  I have a basic idea but the characters run me through the scene not the other way around.

But I have found that the thing to do is push through.  Write the scene and worry about fixing it later.  There are many who would disagree but going back later might not even happen if you keep going with the story.  The scene was started for a reason, so figure out the basic reason why and write.

Don’t worry about if the writing is good, it won’t be.  Real writing happens when you edit anyhow, not when you write.  Just push through the scene and you will not have this nagging keeping you from writing the rest of the story.


About awritersprocess
I have been a writer longer than I can remember. It started with poems in grade school and evolved into the manuscripts, articles, and blogs that I currently write for. My desire to become an editor came later in life but I am no less passionate about that as I am about writing. I have a BA in English (with a minor in History) and have even taken a proofreading class through Editorial Freelancers Association. I am a writer for hire.

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